Damage Analysis

Liberty uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide the most comprehensive damage analyses in the industry. This enables the most informed evaluation of a potential insurance claim, and the best chance of success in getting it approved.

Infrared Thermography and Thermal Imaging

With the use of high-resolution infrared cameras, Liberty inspects the entire roof system for trapped moisture issues. Infrared cameras work by detecting variances in heat—areas of the roof that are wet retain heat from the sun longer than dry areas. Liberty chooses an optimal window during which heat dissipation is most uneven between wet and dry areas. Building owners are often surprised to learn of the many leaks that have gone undetected because they have yet to cause visible interior damage.


For large buildings, such as one of Liberty current projects, Liberty outsources the infrared analysis to a third-party that performs arial infrared imaging using FAA approved drones.

Forensic Analysis

Once all leaks have been detected, Liberty deploys its forensics team, including Haag Engineering Certified Inspectors, to determine the cause of each leak. Liberty uses several severe weather databases, including those certified by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which is an agency of the US government, to support its findings. If needed, Liberty hires materials science engineers, mechanical engineers, and/or forensic scientists, who employ peer-reviewed methodologies widely accepted in the industry. If Liberty believes destructive testing methods are required, Liberty will always inform the building owner before proceeding, and will repair the sampled area after completion.

Building Codes and Industry Standards

Liberty determines and advises owners on how any municipal, county, state, and national building codes could dictate whether certain damage can be repaired as opposed to requiring roof replacement. If the owner decides to file an insurance claim, Liberty is fully prepared with this information when meeting with the adjuster. In cases where the adjuster may ordinarily have determined that the damage could be repaired, this information can help swing the balance in favor of replacement.

The Liberty Difference

Liberty also provides superior workmanship by hiring and supervising better crews. Liberty recognizes that the customers satisfaction and experience throught the whole process is the most important thing to have in mind.