Vinyl Siding

Most of our customers who hire us for siding work will be replacing damaged aluminum siding. Although we can install new aluminum siding, we recommend premium vinyl siding for several reasons:


  • Aluminum is significantly more susceptible to damage from the elements, including hail and wind-blown debris.
  • Premium vinyl is virtually maintenance-free. Unlike premium vinyl, aluminum requires caulking at the edges. This caulking degrades over time, and requires re-caulking every few years.
  • Aluminum has a tendency to oxidize and discolor or develop a chalky appearance in certain areas. This oxidation is difficult and sometimes impossible to completely remove.
  • Premium vinyl comes with a lifetime warranty that is fully transferable to the next homeowner. Aluminum siding generally comes with only a limited, non-transferable warranty.
  • Because premium vinyl panels are hung from fasteners with room to expand and contract at the sides, premium vinyl siding allows the house to “breathe” and release any moisture that may otherwise be trapped between the siding and the house wrap.
  • Premium vinyl comes in a much wider variety of colors, styles, and textures to suit even the most selective tastes.


In addition, vinyl siding is the only exterior cladding with a product certification program administered by an independent, accredited quality-control agency that ensures vinyl siding products exceed the industry standard for performance.


Lastly, on all our premium vinyl installations, we install new housewrap and add 1/4 inch fanfold insulation.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement is a synthetic, composite material that can closely mimic the appearance of wood without the vulnerability to termites. With its high impact resistance, fiber cement is a good choice for areas that regularly experience severe weather.


However, as with aluminum siding, fiber cement requires caulking, and is more susceptible to damage than premium vinyl because it can chip and crack. Fiber cement has also been known to absorb water, particular in areas where, for example, a tree branch or bush is leaning against it. This can cause the siding to rot.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is an attractive choice for those interested in the look of genuine wood. Wood siding is more expensive, and requires more maintenance than premium vinyl, but is highly durable if properly maintained.

Preferred Products

The Liberty Difference

Liberty also provides superior workmanship by hiring and supervising better crews. Liberty recognizes that the temptation for subcontractors to cut corners can be overwhelming when they are not paid a fair and reasonable rate