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The Liberty Difference

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Commercial Grade Shingles Low Grade Shingles
Stronger and More Durable Synthetic Felt Regular Felt
Replace All Rotting or Warped Decking Reuse Rotting or Warped Decking
Replace All Damaged Flashing Reuse Damaged Flashing
Starter and Hip/Ridge Shingles Manually Cut 3-Tab Shingles for Starter and Hips/Ridges, Which Can Void Wind Warranty
Louvre Vents Which Perform and Look Better Mushroom Vents
Tarps All Areas Susceptible to Debris, and Thoroughly Cleans Property Post-Build Fail to Properly Tarp or Clean Debris and Asphalt Dust

Liberty also provides superior workmanship by hiring and supervising better crews. Liberty recognizes that the temptation for subcontractors to cut corners can be overwhelming when they are not paid a fair and reasonable rate. Imagine if you took a large pay cut to do your job. Would you be motivated to do your best work? Of course not. This is why contractors that offer major discounts or waive deductibles have given the industry a bad name, much like used car salesmen. They know they can take shortcuts that will likely go unnoticed because property owners generally do not know how to properly inspect roofing/siding installations to identify potential issues.

Liberty eliminates the temptation to cut corners by: (1) paying its subcontractors fair and reasonable rates, and not low-balling or simply choosing the lowest bidder; (2) using the same, proven subcontractors who are loyal to Liberty and share the same customer-focused vision; and (3) supervising its subcontractors and performing a thorough inspection upon job completion. As a result, Liberty has maintained a 100% city inspection pass rate.

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